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"High Tales" is a new(ish) show where comedians get high and hilariously summarize famous novels. Each episode features a classic book, and as the comedians indulge, they provide more more uproarious and unique "takes" on the plots, characters, and themes of the novels. From Shakespeare to L. Ron Hubbard, "High Tales" offers a hilarious albeit mind-altered journey through literature, exploring storytelling, creativity, and the books themselves with unexpected laughs, hopefully some insights and at the very least, some munchies. Join the high literary adventure and see your favorite novels from a whole new hight? (see what I did there?)


"High Tales" taps into an already successful market by following in the footsteps of the wildly popular series "Drunk History". With its not-so-unique premise of comedians getting fucked out of their brains to summarize famous novels, ok, so there is a twist!
The show attracts audiences who seek a a fresh perfective to the already perfect format. By appealing to both stoners, and perhaps and funnier twist on the same old novels "High Tales" broadens its reach to a diverse viewer base, capturing the attention of stoners looking for a one-of-a-kind blend of laughter and literary exploration.


Introducing our first guest Owen Wilson. He doesn't know it yet but I have a sneaky suspicion that we might know a guy that knows a guy. 


And our first host? How could we pick any other comedian than Doug Benson himself. He has to be the highest working comedian...wait, highest person alive that has a job still.


"High Tales" is tailor-made for both streaming and episodic television. With its binge-worthy, bite-sized episodes, the show seamlessly caters to streaming preferences. Simultaneously, the standalone comedic format ensures it slots effortlessly into traditional TV, offering a versatile and entertaining experience for audiences on any platform.


Please download the budget (PDF) below.

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